Passionate about sport fishing like you

We know what a good angler likes

Our long years of experience practicing this passion called sport fishing have brought us together to make Kalua a reality.

Ian-Arthur de Sulocki

Fluent in English, French and Spanish, he has collaborated with several fishing magazines, such as Pesca Esportiva,Pesca e Cia., Pescando, Náutica and Voyages de Pêche (France), among others.

He was a PNDPA-IBAMA consultant in Brasilia for ten years. He is president of the South America Committee of Rules and Records with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and presenter of the All Fishing Program, on the “A Liga da Pesca” Channel on Youtube.

Since 1994 he has been organizing fishing trips to various Brazilian regions, getting to know all the rivers with sport fishing activity in the Amazon Region.
He works as a manager of sport fishing projects in indigenous lands (Xingu and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro).

Alexandre “Mega”

Passionate about sport fishing and nature, fluent in English, Spanish, and with a great experience in the tourism field, working in travel agencies in Rio de Janeiro.

Currently living in Barcelos, Mega coordinates the Kalua maintenance and supply and, among other things, is responsible for the customers reception and choose the fishing locations on the Barcelos and Santa Isabel do Rio Negro rivers.

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