Amazon Fishes

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Among the various species found in the Amazon Basin, four stand out in the Rio Negro and tributary fisheries. The peacock bass is the most coveted, due to its incredible sportiness. The giant piraiba and pirarara are also part of the select list. In addition to the dreamed pirarucu, the largest of all the river scale fish. The sportive aruanã and specimens of cachara, apaiari, traíra, apapá, saicanga, palmito, black piranha and jacundá can also be fished in the region.

Tucunaré - Peacock Bass

For providing exciting fights and explosive attacks, the peacock bass is the ambassador for sport fishing in Brazil. In our itineraries, the anglers will have the opportunity to come across three species: açú, which can exceed 13 kilos, the butterfly and the popoca.


This giant catfish can weigh 300 kilograms and exceed 2 meters, providing unforgettable fights, with breathtaking sprints usually towards the middle of the river.


With the beautiful red color tail, the coveted pirarara can reach 1,5 m and exceed 50 kilos. Incredibly strong, the “macaw fish” provides heavy and difficult fights, by running for antlers at the river borders.


The largest scale river fish in the world, the pirarucu is one of the most coveted trophies in sport fishing. The red-tailed giant can reach 3 meters and go over 150 kilos, providing a real tug of war with the angler. A long and tiring struggle to catch it and, of course, to release it. Pirarucu lives in lagoons and fishing requires a lot of patience and technique.

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